Dungeon of the Endless - Review

Dungeon of the Endless is a hybrid rouge-like/tower defence game from Amplitude Studios. I got my hands on the game during the free weekend offer. I enjoyed it so much I ended up purchasing it. Read more!

Published by capronn on 2015-05-19


Is upgrading to the New 3DS Worth It?

I've just upgraded to the New 3DSXL from the original version of the 3DS. Here's what I think about the hardware, if you are thinking of getting one yourself! Read more!

Published by capronn on 2015-05-11


Is Killing Floor 2's Early Access Worth Purchasing?

Killing Floor 2 by Tripwire Interactive was released on Steam via early access on April 21st. I've bought in to see if the early access build is worth playing yet. Read more!

Published by capronn on 2015-04-30


Is Pillars of Eternity as Good as Baldur's Gate?

I've spent around 40 hours with Pillars of Eternity since its release. I've just finished Act 2 of the game, here are my spoiler free thoughts so far. Read more!

Published by capronn on 2015-04-16


Cities: Skylines - Review

Have you been looking for a new city builder lately? Much hype and hope was directed to Maxis' SimCity released in 2013, too bad it turned out like hot garbage. To try and fill the gap, Cities: Skylines has been released, lets see how it measures up! Read more!

Published by capronn on 2015-03-22


The Price of Games in Canada is too Damn High!

With $75 showing up as the new MSRP for games in Canada, what can one do to avoid paying the full price of entry to play? Read more!

Published by capronn on 2015-03-14


Is it Worth Buying Interstellar Marines Yet?

Steam, and Zero Point Software, just offered free access to Interstellar Marines for a week. I played the game for a few hours, to determine if it is worth buying yet. Read more!

Published by capronn on 2015-02-24


Muramasa Rebirth - Review

Looking for an Japanese/samurai flavoured beat em up? Does a mature story with great artwork and light RPG elements sound up your alley. You might want to see what I thought about Muramasa Rebirth then. Read more!

Published by capronn on 2015-02-08


Payday 2 Walk-through - How to Beat Rats Quick!

As mentioned in my Payday 2 Review, ranking up in the game can be a bit of a grind, but if you are looking to gain experience quickly, the Rats heist is a great choice to do so.  Read more!

Published by capronn on 2015-01-13


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Review

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, is the newest entry in the Borderlands series of games. For the very few who are not familiar with the series, Borderlands is a co-op, first person shooter, combined with traditional RPG elements of gaining experience, finding loot, and performing quests.  Read more!

Published by capronn on 2014-12-12


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